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About Lex

Over a decade ago I picked up a film camera for the first time. It has become an extension of me ever since. Whenever, wherever, whoever.... my camera is always there.

I'm a lover of  film, polaroid, and medium format processes. I miss the days of makeshift darkrooms which were passionate pass-time places before moving to the digital world.

My work ranges from playfully dark and intimate studio portraiture, to live music and performance. I also like to embark on solo and collaborative concept projects influenced by avant-garde fashion, underground subcultures and sexual diversity. I have a growing collection of documentary-style landscapes and textures taken in Central America, Europe, Africa, North America and Australia. My growing archive reflects my insatiable curiosity to explore a diverse array of styles, aesthetics and processes so that my work can continue to evolve into new and exciting territory. 

Originally from Canada, I have led a somewhat nomadic life both there and in the States for many years, working as a production assistant and coordinator for film and television. I have now settled in beautiful Melbourne, Australia where I am the image editor for Archer Magazine. I also work as a freelance photographer and designer for fellow artists, festivals and publications.

I am a lover of the performing arts and of music, photography and film, fashion and travel. I believe art provokes thought, inspires positive change, and generates a global community in both dialogue and action for a better understanding of ourselves and of our planet.