I love it all...

Music, circus, drag, cabaret, burlesque, dance, fashion editorial, portrait concepts, makeup artistry and travel scenes.

"Constantly amazed by Alexis' creative concepts. She is a beautiful presence to be around. Her spirit is so strong and gorgeous, it shows in her work." —  Rolly Loughlin

"My shoot with Alexis was perhaps the most relaxed, easy going performance shoot I have ever had. Alexis communicates clearly and is able to bring out exactly what is needed in her photographic subjects. Her work is breathtakingly beautiful." —  James Halloran

"Alexis is an incredible photographer. She has a knack for photos of folks on stage. I also worked with her at her lovely studio and felt so respected, celebrated and held." —  Dani Boi

"Alexis is one of the most passionate, professional and motivated individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has contributed significantly to the aesthetic of Archer Magazine." - Amy Middleton



"Alexis is one of the finest photographers I have worked with. She uses intelligent decisions to unobtrusively capture stunning images of live performance. She captures lighting states, smoke effects, costumes and atmosphere of live music with exquisite artistry." - Mama Alto

Alexis is always so supportive of experimentation and encourages ideas. The studio is clean, organised, and has the bells and whistles. Superb all round, every time." —  Alexand

"One of the best days I've had this winter was spent at Alexis' photo studio. I've never done a professional photo shoot before but this was way above any expectations I had! The beauty of the resulting photographs stunned me." - Lisa Knyte

"A very skilled photographer who makes people feel comfortable in front of the camera and pays immense attention to detail both on set and in post." - Beni Lola





CLIENTS: Mama Alto, YUMMY the Show, Killjoy the Show, Baby Got Back, Cocoa Butter Club, Archer Magazine, After Hours Cabaret, Red Light Confidential, Get Hairy February Campaign, Bump and Grindercise

Publications: VICE Australia, Cosmopolitan Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, The Project (television), Broadsheet, Archer Magazine (ongoing), Twelve High Chicks, Beat, The Music, Time Out.



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