Lovely to meet ya!

Hailing from Canadian shores, Alexis Desaulniers-Lea is a Melbourne-based photographer and music lover.

Having spent much of her adolescence travelling from place to place, Alexis found comfort in her camera which quickly became an extension of herself.  Alexis’s barefoot wanders have led her to explore parts of Central America, Europe,  Africa, the United States and a camper van trip around Australia where she set about capturing documentary-style detail landscapes and rich, textural images of the wildlife and the natural environment.

Fuelled by her passion for music, Alexis’s vibrant body of portrait work demonstrates a keen interest in sensuality, intimacy, colour, contrast, texture, seduction and all things unusual. Drawing inspiration from alternative and underground sub-cultures, avant-garde fashion, and eclectic genres of music,  Alexis endeavours to highlight the beauty of self-expression, freedom and creativity through intimate studio portraiture, live music and performance. 

As Image Editor for the international print magazine, Archer, Alexis thrives on exploring themes of gender and sexual diversity in both a personal and professional realm. Her continually evolving archive reflects her insatiable curiosity to explore a diverse range of styles, aesthetics and processes, always taking her into new and exciting territory. 

In November 2017, Alexis launched Cat Scratch Studio, an artist-friendly studio space to expand her client collaborations and personal work, as well as provide an affordable space for creatives of all kinds to flourish. Be sure to check it out HERE for more details.





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