Alexis is one of the most passionate, professional and motivated individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has contributed significantly to the aesthetic of Archer Magazine, hand-choosing photography and making design decisions. She has high attention to detail, a keen eye for design and excellent language skills with which to communicate her observations. She is polite and hard-working. I’d be happy to recommend for any position in the creative industries.
— Amy Middleton, founding editor of Archer Magazine
I worked with Alexis on the third season of a Hasbro animated series. She kept myself and our entire design team focused on our constantly changing daily and weekly priorities. She was invaluable to me personally. Alexis has a profesional demeanour coupled with a fantastic personality. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Jon Izen, Art Director
Alexis is the best coordinator I’ve worked with. She creates a fun, stress-free environment for the artists keeping them on track and even ahead of schedule. She always dealt with difficult situations in the most calm and collected manner.
— Wei Lei, Storyboard Artist
I have worked with Alexis as a key make-up artist for almost two years. She has an incredible talent and is such a creative inspiration to me! She can make anyone feel comfortable in-front of the camera. I know from a clients perspective as I have hired her for a few photo-shoots of my own. If you want to hire a sincere, professional, passionate photographer with an amazing creative flare, then Alexis is the girl for you!
— Tiffany Morton, Make-Up Artist
Alexis is thoughtful and impeccable with her time management. She is friendly and informative and a joy to be around. Her directions are clear and concise. She has a knack for taking concepts and actualising them in front of the camera. Her eye for fashion is a natural talent.
— Allie Pehleman, Model
Alexis has a beautiful eye for intimate detail and personal connection when it comes to photography. Her years of experience with film and in the darkroom clearly pay off in the digital realm. She is a wonderful director, motivator and artist. She is able to manage complex shoots while balancing the needs of all involved remarkably.
— Mark Ingram, Designer and Storyboard Artist